my personal training service

Are you displeased with your results despite dedicating time and effort in the gym? Overwhelmed by the staggering amount of contradictory information out there? Look no further; I’m here to help devoted trainees take their physique and knowledge to the next level.

Along with the countless hours I’ve spent educating myself on the subject of exercise science, I’m also an honor graduate of Menno Henselmans science-based personal trainer course (NBC-HWC Accredited). The PT course taught me everything from training to nutrition and anything remotely related to the subject. The PT course also taught me how to apply the Bayesian model to bodybuilding and strength training. The Bayesian model, as it relates to bodybuilding and strength training, is a system in which an individual’s training and nutrition program is optimized based on all available personal data (training status, genetic indicators, goals, lifestyle factors, etc.) along with clinical evidence in the field of exercise science. My programs are specific to the individual I’m helping; they’re not like the one-size-fits-all programs you find online.

At the end of the day, everyone responds differently to training. Some respond very well to any typical, by the book, or halfwit training protocol, as long as they’re adhering to progressive overload and are taking care of basic nutritional needs (god bless the freaks). Others need a much more refined, individualistic approach, along with the need to be doing more of the “little things” right (getting their sleep quality right, optimizing their nutrition far beyond just knowing what their macros should be, doing exercises better suited for their goals) that most personal trainers overlook. Often, those who follow cookie-cutter programs end up stalling out not because they’re genetically cursed; instead, it’s because one single program can’t be optimal, or even good enough, for everyone to reach their advanced level.

WHAT separates me from many online coaches

It’s all too common in today’s fitness industry many personal trainers throw training and nutritional programs at their clients without any sound science-based explanation. They often do this because there is simply no scientific basis behind what they are doing in the first place! Or worse, they teach you what is wrong by using whatever the latest trendy “bro science” or fad approach is to justify their programming and nutritional recommendations. And in the end, you (the client) learned very little or even learned the completely wrong way to build muscle and lose fat. You should never leave a personal trainer with meager results and be absolutely confused as to what to do next to continue to make progress.

During our time together, not only will you get results, you will also learn practical science-based principles in training and nutrition program design, program progression, program periodization, exercise selection/order, exercise technique, and much more. That is how personal training should work! I have talked to many people that have worked with “personal trainers” for over six months, and they sadly still don’t even know the most fundamental law of putting on muscle over time (progressive overload)! That is ridiculous; people in that scenario are robbed of their money.

Getting bigger and stronger is one of the few facets of life in which you generally should not trust your subjective feelings. The pump, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), being out of breath, and the feel-good endorphin rush after a ‘tough’ training session; all of these subjective sensations are no indication you’re guaranteed to gain an ounce of muscle from the training bout. Many personal trainers feed off of this, giving their clients a false impression what they are doing is working.

what i offer

  • A periodized, autoregulated, and adaptive training program optimized for you based on your training status, gender, genetic indicators, and lifestyle factors.

  • A nutrition protocol that makes dieting for fat loss easier and doesn’t limit you to chicken and broccoli for dinner. Yes, you will be eating the foods you like while shedding fat. I’m a big proponent of enjoying your diet. A diet that is not enjoyable is not sustainable! I want you to have a six-pack years after we have stopped working together! You’ll learn much more about nutrition than simply determining what your macros should be. You’ll also learn why most of the supplements you’re taking will not help you reach your goals and why they can even hinder your progress. I typically save people a lot of money by significantly reducing, or completely eliminating their supplementation stack.

  • Science-based advice for improving your lifestyle outside of the gym such as reducing psychological stress and getting better sleep. These are highly underrated aspects of becoming muscular and lean.

  • Video analysis of your technique. Proper exercise technique is a crucial part of progression and overall sustainability of a program. Most know the essential fundamentals, such as maintaining a neutral spine during the squat. However, everyone isn’t biomechanically built the same, and therefore, there is no such thing as “textbook” technique. I have a strong background in exercise biomechanics and will help you dial in the right technique, especially for the more difficult compound exercises (i.e., squat, bench press).

  • Quick email response times. I will respond within 18 hours; this includes holidays and weekends. I take great pride in writing very concise and informative correspondence to my clients.


who is my training for?

I welcome those who are drug-free at any strength level who are looking to take their physique, strength, and knowledge to the next level and are highly motivated to do soMy specialty is helping those who have made it to the intermediate level of strength and muscularity and want to take their physique to the next level but are struggling to do so (a common problem among many trainees).

It’s also crucial that you are open-minded and willing to make training and dietary changes that may be in contrast to your previous beliefs.

Getting to your advanced level of strength and muscularity without the use of drugs, no matter who is coaching you, requires hard work on your end! You can have the best-tailored training and nutrition program, but it doesn’t mean anything unless you have the desire to work hard in the gym to reach the rarefied air of advanced muscularity! This was a wake-up call for me at first, too. I quickly learned how difficult it is to gain muscle and strength naturally beyond newbie gains. But I enjoyed the process, and that is what’s most important. I was willing to work my ass off to achieve my goals. I wanted to get bigger and stronger!


The cost of my personal training service is $300 per month. I also guarantee progression. If you strictly adhere to my programming and advice and have not made any progress after one month, I’ll refund you your money. There is no long-term commitment, you can cancel anytime, and will be refunded the prorated amount.

I have a limited number of spots open. I don’t take on many clients at once, so I can provide everyone with high-quality service.

want to know more?

If you want to know more about me and my service, to see if i’m the right fit for you, please email me your questions.