About me

Ever since I was very young, I’ve had a passion for sports and fitness. I also have a knack for understanding how things work through science. I eventually started lifting weights in my high-school gym as a 16-year-old, not having a single clue what I was doing. A lot has changed since then. In pursuit of my passion for understanding science, I went to college and became a Mechanical Engineer.

Once I was introduced to the field of exercise science a bit further down the road, I became hooked, it’s a perfect blend of what I’m passionate about, fitness and science. It quickly became clear to me much of what I was doing in the gym based on my intuition, and what I observed many other people doing in the gym, was utterly wrong. It was then that I realized there is so much opportunity to help those who struggle just like I did, so I left my job as an engineer.

My career has now shifted to helping serious trainees gain muscle, lose fat, and learn the practical nuances of science-based training and nutrition. Throughout my journey, I also learned the benefits of becoming strong and lean extend far beyond looking better in the mirror; it transcends all aspects of your life. The psychological and health benefits of strength training are highly underrated.

Another driver for me to enter the fitness industry is to be a helping voice to silence those who shill out misinformation and contribute to the regression of knowledge in the fitness community. To put it bluntly, it’s the year 2020, and there is still a staggering amount of pseudoscience in the fitness industry. Many people are unfortunately led to believe what’s wrong, and this has led to a destructive cycle that negatively affects many people down the line.